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Education & Training

www.ilamvalleytea.comThe company is planning to provide this kind of training on a more wider scale in near future. The company's chairman L. P. Mainali says, "We believe that providing the best possible training to the farmers is crucial for the overall production growth of tea in Ilam". In fact, the director for marketing and sales of the company, K. R. Mainali sometimes himself undertakes the training and shares his valuable experience to the trainees.

Himalayan Shangri-la goes Green!!

In line with the current trend in consumer demand and the recent global warming crisis, Himalayan Shangri-la has completely shifted to organic tea production. To facilitate the shift, we at Himalayan Shangri-la Tea Producers Pvt. Ltd. Have undertaken various steps at every level.
With the support of the SNV, Netherland and other organizations we have started what has been named the ?Cow Project?. This project has distributed cows to many households in the area. This indeed had proved beneficial in a big way. The cow waste(dung), which is a great bio-fertilizer is now used in the tea gardens instead of chemical fertilizers. In addition, this project has also substantially raised living standard of the farmers.
Numerous interactive training sessions and workshops are organized by the management in order to educate the farmers about advantages of bio-fertilizers and also to explain the hazards of chemical fertilizers. Farmers are also taught to distinguish chemical fertilizers from bio fertilizers which is very important so as to prevent accidental use of chemicals. The trainees are also taught about the manufacturing process, right from plucking to packing, so that each and every cup that you drink is a perfection in itself.
At the administrative level as well various changes have been introduced. We have made it our policy to buy leaves at an above market rate from farmers who have shifted to organic cultivation.. Also, we periodically reward organic cultivators in order to encourage farmers to shift to organic farming. Use of chemical pesticides is also discouraged by not buying leaves found to be contaminated. There is also a system of rewarding farmers who bring to our notice the use of pesticides by other farmers. This has greatly reduced reduced chemical use.
The HACCP, ISO and CoC (the only factory in Nepal to have received all three certification) certifications are the indicators of our commitment to quality and our effort to deliver pure organic tea that not only invigorates but also is healthy for you as well as for our planet earth. Go Green, Live Healthy.
Himalayan Shangri-la Tea Traders (P) Ltd regularly provides education and training to the tea farmers andgrowers in Ilam to maximize their efficiency. Hundreds of small tea farmers and growers in Ilam have benefited immensely from this training program directly undertaken by the company. The trainees recieve extensive training about all the siginificant aspects of tea including its plantation, plucking, processing, withering, rolling, fermentation, tasting, blending, and so on. All the training sessions are very carefully designed to meet the requirements of the trainees.

About Ilam Valley

Ilam, the divinely bestowed upon the nature is situated in the far eastern region of the beautiful Himalayan Kingdom, Nepal. This picturesque region lies at the bottom of Mt. Kanchanjunga, the third highest peak of the world and is fully covered by structure, virgin fertile soil, diverse climate and its own arts and unique style...
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